About us

Executive and stewards

This is your 2016-2017 Executive:

cupe-touchiconPRESIDENT:   Valerie Trudeau                       vtrudeau1@gmail.com              705-983-4545

or   705-626-7213

VICE PRESIDENT:  Jason Harasymchuk              js_harasymchuk@laurentian.ca      705-626-7548

SECRETARYTREASURER:     Louise Rafuse                      louiserafuse@yahoo.ca         705-561-5851

RECORDING SECRETARY:    Stacy Moore                         stacylee@live.ca                      705-698-3178

SGT-AT-ARMS:                         Bonnie Blais                       bonnieblais@hotmail.com       705-673-5800

This is your  2014-1016 Steward body:


 Jason Harasymchuk, RPN                                  js_harasymchuk@laurentian.ca       705-626-7548

Bonnie Blais, Activity                                                           bonnieblais@Hotmail.com                705-673-5800

Margaret MacLean, BSO                                                                                                                       705-692-1347

Tanya Fitzgerald, HCA                                                                                                                           705-988-4989


Health & Safety Committee

Co-Chair Dave Viau   dviau@extendicare.com                   Louise Rafuse   louiserafuse@yahoo.ca

Margaret MacLean BSO (9am-5pm)                                   Stacy Moore   stacylee@live.ca

Jason Harasymchuk RPN

WSIB   WSIB booklet & Forms

Darryl Hillier     HCA

Lacey Phillips    Activity Aide

Labour Management Committee

Valerie Trudeau, Jason Harasymchuk, Margaret MacLean, Stacy Moore, Louise Rafuse

Pensions and Benefits

Valerie Trudeau, Colleen Colden

Social Committee

Louise Rafuse, Stacy Moore, Colleen Colden


Valerie Trudeau


Valerie Trudeau, Jason Harasymchuk, Dave Viau, Louise Rafuse


Valerie Trudeau, Jason Harasymchuk, Louise Rafuse, Margaret MacLean

Sudbury & District CUPE Council

Valerie Trudeau, Jason Harasymchuk, Bonnie Blais (alternate)

Sudbury & District Labour Council   http://sudburylabour.ca

Valerie Trudeau, Bonnie Blais